Publication of Mizuho Sustainability Focus 2023

Mizuho Financial Group,Inc.

02/06/2024 9:00 am

Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. (President & Group CEO: Masahiro Kihara) has published Mizuho Sustainability Focus 2023 “Sustainability: Path to industrial competitiveness”.

Mizuho Sustainability Focus 2023
“Sustainability: Path to industrial competitiveness” (PDF/10,933KB)

In this report, we provide insights into how Japanese companies’ efforts towards achieving sustainability link to enhancing industrial competitiveness and corporate value (PBR).

The emergence of social issues such as natural disasters caused by unusual weather patterns, expanding income gaps and aging populations is causing negative effects on economies around the world. This has led to efforts to balance solving social issues with enhancing corporate value to become a global agenda in recent years.

We believe that accelerating the response to climate change, with the goal of achieving net zero by 2050, requires two key factors: “Co-creation,” which involves the integration of knowledge from diverse players, and “Investment,” which involves risk-sharing with various funding providers. Furthermore, as climate change is connected to other social issues such as resource circulation and natural capital, it is important for companies to consider the impact of their business models on various social issues and pursue both of social value and economic value.

Japan is in a position to achieve economic revitalization by dealing with social issues ahead of other countries and becoming a pioneer in solving these issues. The purpose of the report is to give global stakeholders’ an overview of a path to industrial competitiveness through solving social issues.

Since its establishment as the first bank in Japan, Mizuho has consistently supported the transformation of Japan’s industrial structure in every era. We are known for possessing the following three strengths: an ability to foresee changes in the world through our in-depth industry and technological knowledge; a capability to connect businesses and technologies with the support of a partnership network spanning the public, private, and academic sectors; and finance arranging capabilities backed by years of experience as a financial provider. The report was prepared leveraging these strengths.

Moving forward, Mizuho is committed to continuing to work alongside our clients as we strive to realize our corporate tagline, “Innovating today. Transforming tomorrow”. Together, we will work towards solving social issues and enhancing corporate value.