As a media sponsor of JapanCraft21, The Japan Times Cube supports ideas and projects that involve traditional craft techniques

The Japan Times Cube Inc.

03/09/2021 11:00 am

The Japan Times Cube Co., Ltd. (President: Minako Suematsu) aims to help ensure that traditional Japanese culture is passed on to future generations and to introduce its beauty and technology both domestically and internationally by acting as a media sponsor for the first Ronnie Prize hosted by JapanCraft21.

JapanCraft21, an organization dedicated to the renewal of traditional Japanese crafts, in collaboration with the Asia Society Japan Center has launched a contest to identify an exceptional individual with the vision and talent to revive a traditional Japanese craft so that it flourishes in the 21st century. The contest winner will be awarded ¥5 million ($50,000) toward achieving his or her vision and will receive active support from a mentor group composed of experts in fields such as business, design, product development and marketing.

◆Contest rules:
Applicants must submit a brief project proposal for revitalizing a traditional Japanese craft that is functional and sustainably crafted. There is a ¥1,000 ($10) participation fee. Applications must be submitted to by 6 p.m. JST on April 10, 2020. Application documents can be found at:

The top 50 applicants will be asked to submit a more comprehensive project proposal along with additional information on their personal experience and background. Ten finalists will then be evaluated by our special panel of judges (see below), who will select the Grand Prize winner plus four runners-up. All 10 will be invited to present their project concepts at an awards ceremony in Tokyo, to be broadcast globally online.

◆Special panel of judges (in alphabetical order):
・Yuji AKIMOTO Art critic; Director and Professor at The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts; Chief Executive Director at Nerima Art Museum
・Shihoko FUKUMOTO Textile artist specializing in Japanese Indigo “aizome”
・Eriko HORIKI Washi designer; Director of Eriko Horiki and Associates
・Tsutomu HORIUCHI Co-chair of the Arts Committee at Asia Society Japan Center; Deputy Director and Professor at Center for Social Investment of Tama University
・Masamitsu SAITO Collector and leading authority on Japanese Bamboo art baskets
・Reiko SUDO Textile designer; Founder, Director and Chief Designer of NUNO Corporation; Honorary Professor at Tokyo Zokei University

Further information on the contest is available at:
Contest organizer: JapanCraft21, 163-7 Ichihara-cho, Shizuichi, Sakyo-ku , Kyoto 601-1123 Steve Beimel (Director), Keiko Kamei (Contest Coordinator)

JapanCraft21’s mission is to identify viable but vulnerable Japanese crafts and assist, through clear strategy and effective action, in reestablishing the vitality of traditional craftsmanship.

◆The Japan Times
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