“Tsunan Jyunmai Ginjo-shu GO POCKET DOLCE” was selected for AirJapan in-flight meals available for purchase on day of flight , the third airline brand of the ANA Group.

Tsunan Sake Brewery

01/24/2024 9:00 am

Tsunan Sake Brewery proudly presents our ‘GO POCKET DOLCE,’ a premium Junmai Ginjo Sake, now featured on AirJapan’s in-flight meals for medium-haul international routes. This selection by the innovative new brand of ANA Group is empathy our commitment to quality and tradition.

Nestled in the snow-rich Tsunan region of Niigata Prefecture, Tsunan Sake Brewery crafts the exquisite ‘GO POCKET DOLCE,’ a junmai ginjo sake renowned for its delightful fruity sweetness, capturing the essence of its unique and pristine environment.

‘GO POCKET DOLCE’ has been handpicked by AirJapan for ‘In-flight Meals with a Japanese Flavor’ program, evaluating our sake as a hallmark of authentic Japanese taste and craftsmanship.

About AirJapan, ANA Group’s new brand
AirJapan, a visionary hybrid airline, uniquely blends the luxury of ANA with the affordability of Peach Aviation. As it gears up for launch, AirJapan is set to revolutionize air travel by offering Japanese quality and comfortability to a global audience.

AirJapanIn-Flight Meals for purchase on day of Flight
AirJapan’s in-flight meals are more than just food; they will be a rare opportunity that experiences that bring Japan’s rich regional flavors and culture to passengers. Through social media ,these meals will inspire people to explore the depth of Japan’s culinary traditions and to visit the region.

 It has a fruity sweetness.
 This sake has such a sweetness that it is comparable to having it selected for dessert.
 Junmai Ginjo
 Rice: Gohyakumangoku (produced in Niigata Prefecture)
 Ingredients: Rice (Niigata Prefecture), Rice malt (Niigata Prefecture)
 Polishing ratio 55
 Alcohol level: 13%.
 Volume: 100ml

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About GO Brand
The GO brand was launched by Tsunan Brewery in 2020. The lineup is specialized for the occasions in which it is enjoyed, such as “DINER,” which is refreshing and goes well with meals, and “DOLCE,” which can be drunk with sweets, and is being developed overseas and sold domestically, mainly through the Internet.
Sake is brewed during the winter at a sake brewery located deep in the mountains of Tsunan Town, which is said to be one of the snowiest areas in Niigata Prefecture.
The rice, water, and people are all made from local ingredients, making this a truly terroir sake brand.
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Tsunan Brewery Company Profile
Company name : Tsunan Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Location : 7141 Oaza-Akinari, Tsunanmachi, Naka-uonuma-gun, Niigata Prefecture
URL  : https://tsunan-sake.com
Tsunan Sake Brewery is a brewery headquartered in Akinari, Tsunan-machi, Naka-uonuma-gun, Niigata Prefecture. The area is known for its heavy snowfall, and natural spring water from the 2,000-meter-high mountains is used as brewing water. The brewery uses local sake rice “Gohyakumangoku” and brews sake in harmony with nature under the brand concept of “Brew for Future – Brewing a Future in Harmony with Nature”. The company is aiming to create new value and promote overseas business development based on the fusion of sake brewing and science.