Announcement for Establishment of Okinawa Branch (Preparation Room)

B-Lot Co.,Ltd.

01/12/2024 2:40 pm

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Okinawa Branch (Preparation Room) by B-Lot Co., Ltd (Main Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Chief Executive Officer: Makoto Miyauchi; Tokyo Stock Exchange: Standard Market (Ticker code: 3452)). This branch serves as our business hub in Okinawa, allowing us to seize further business opportunities. Additionally, we have completed the relocation of B-Lot Capital Link Co., Ltd., our group company primarily engaged in lease operations, to the Okinawa Branch.

Since 2015, our group has been engaged in business activities in Okinawa, focusing on real estate revitalization, corporate investment, and consulting engagements. Over time, we have built networks and accumulated transactional experience. The difficulty of raising funds in the real estate business in Okinawa has been notable. However, by establishing a local base, we aim to expand our market presence, aiming to strengthen our alliances with financial institutions. Additionally, we are exploring fundraising through real estate crowdfunding ‘B-Den’ initiated in 2021.

2.Real Estate Market in Okinawa
In terms of transaction trends, we are observing a recovery of market buoyancy similar to pre-Covid-19 levels. We anticipate that the transaction numbers in 2024 will surpass pre-Covid-19 pandemic levels and continue to increase further. Additionally, in land price surveys, the transition in the average year-on-year change rate for residential and commercial land has increased by nearly 5% in 2023.