Tsunan Sake Brewery collaborated with MEMORY LAB Co., Ltd. to conduct a comprehensive survey of the technology areas related to sustainability in the sake brewing process using generative AI.

Tsunan Sake Brewery

12/27/2023 7:00 am

Tsunan Sake Brewery (Head office: Tsunanmachi, Niigata Prefecture; Representative Director: Kengo Suzuki) collaborated with MEMORY LAB Co., Ltd.(Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kento Hatase) to conduct a comprehensive survey of the technology areas related to sustainability in the sake brewing process using generative AI. This initiative aimed to clarify the approach towards sustainability through a specialized exploration engine dedicated to new business development.

The research focused on the difficulty of extracting valuable information for new research areas and business development from traditional databases like PubMed, requiring specialized knowledge and significant time. To address this, MEMORY LAB offers services such as market research, analysis of business products based on scientific evidence, and research planning. They have developed advanced AI engines for integrating and analyzing global research data, enabling the extraction of specialized information.

The study particularly targeted the production process of Japanese sake, a traditional fermentation industry in Japan, to visualize approaches for achieving a sustainable society and to contribute to decision-making in business strategies considering sustainability.

The research identified innovations focusing on the effective use of by-products like sake lees (kasu). It revealed that utilizing sake lees can open diverse research fields, enhancing sustainability and innovation in the brewing industry. For example, using sake lees as animal feed can improve the sustainability of feed and reduce environmental impact. Additionally, components in sake lees may contribute to aging inhibition and brain function enhancement, suggesting potential applications in health foods and pharmaceuticals.

This approach uncovered ‘missing pieces’ often overlooked in traditional methods, enabling a comprehensive visualization of the interrelationships in research areas and market application possibilities. By organizing vast data and overviewing specific research ecosystems, MEMORY LAB proposes a unique method to explore the market applicability of research and technology. This strategy can predict future trends from past research and comprehensively grasp the research ecosystem, including technology and market information, accelerating research and development.

The extensive analysis of research and market information has not only minimized environmental impact but also created new value for by-products, thus supporting Tsunan Sake Brewery and the brewing industry’s sustainability efforts. This initiative has revealed the potential for devising sustainability strategies tailored to various industries, including traditional fermentation.

MEMORY LAB Co., Ltd., with the mission “Bringing the Wisdom of Science to Society,” aims to be a leading company in research and investigation, becoming a hub for global research and development. Using their unique AI algorithm (patented natural language processing), they strive to remove barriers in research surveys, creating a world where everyone can access science and technology. They are currently developing a search engine specialized in new business and R&D for enterprises, equipped with a vast database of research papers, patent information, and market data, significantly reducing the usual research time from six months to a year to as short as one week.

Tsunan Sake Brewery, based in Akinari, Tsunan, Niigata Prefecture, is known for its brewing in a heavy snowfall area, using natural spring water from mountains at 2,000 meters elevation and local sake rice “Gohyakumangoku.” With the brand concept “Brew for Future—Brewing a Coexisting Future,” they aim to create new values and expand globally under a new management system from 2023.