Anti-dengue plague plan eyed by health ministry

Apr 29, 2015

Anti-dengue plague plan eyed by health ministry

The health ministry will soon draw up guidelines to prevent a new outbreak of dengue fever, after last summer’s incidence became the nation’s first in about 70 years. A total of 162 people were infected with the virus across 18 prefectures last year. An ...

Sep 26, 2014

Dengue fever case suspected in Tokyo's Sumida Ward

The health ministry says that a case of dengue fever is now suspected in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward, relatively far from the suspected epicenter of a recent outbreak of the disease. A woman in her 20s from Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, was bitten by a mosquito ...

Health ministry updates manual for dengue fever

Sep 13, 2014

Health ministry updates manual for dengue fever

The health ministry has revised its manual for dengue fever after the first domestic outbreak of the tropical disease in 70 years revealed it was outdated. The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said Friday the manual was updated to provide responses for dengue infections ...

Sep 11, 2014

Yoyogi mosquitoes still carrying dengue virus

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government said Thursday that the dengue virus was detected again in mosquitoes collected in Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park on Tuesday and Wednesday. The virus was first confirmed in mosquitoes there last week. Of the 20 locations checked by the metropolitan government, the ...

Sep 10, 2014

First dengue fever case outside Tokyo reported

A man who lives in the city of Chiba has become the first person in the current outbreak of dengue fever to be infected outside of Tokyo, the health ministry said Tuesday. On Wednesday, about two weeks after the first reported case, the ministry ...