Mar 16, 2017

Cascading effect: One attack led to another at Yahoo


Russian hackers working with Russian spies didn’t crack Yahoo security all at once. Instead, according to an account offered by U.S. officials, they methodically made their way deeper into Yahoo’s network over the space of months — maybe years. That allowed them to forge ...

/ Dec 16, 2016

Yahoo hack shows data as tool of information warfare

The massive hack affecting a billion Yahoo users shows how seemingly innocuous bits of data gleaned from cyberattacks can be exploited for profit — and potentially for espionage and information warfare. The latest breach disclosed Wednesday is the largest on record and comes just ...

Yahoo denies cooperating with NSA, FBI on mass email surveillance

Oct 6, 2016

Yahoo denies cooperating with NSA, FBI on mass email surveillance

Yahoo on Wednesday rejected allegations of mass email surveillance amid an outcry from privacy activists over a report that it created a special scanning program at the behest of U.S. intelligence. The report, which said the U.S. internet giant had secretly scanned hundreds of ...

/ Sep 25, 2016

Yahoo Japan eyes four-day workweek for all its employees

Yahoo Japan Corp. is considering introducing a four-day workweek for all its 5,800 employees, sources have revealed. The subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp. plans to implement the system in stages over several years, but wages under the new system have not been determined, the ...