Feb 23, 2016

Japanese researchers clone Zika virus

A team led by Shigeru Tajima, a researcher at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, has succeeded, probably for the first time in the world, in making a clone of the Zika virus. This could lead to the development of a vaccine for Zika ...

Monkey tests show promise for needle-free Ebola vaccine

Jul 14, 2015

Monkey tests show promise for needle-free Ebola vaccine

The first vaccine against Ebola that patients can inhale instead of inject has shown promise in tests on monkeys and should move into human trials soon, researchers said Monday. The study in Journal of Clinical Investigation was led by researchers at the University of ...

Feb 19, 2015

New drug shields monkeys from AIDS, scientists say

Scientists said Wednesday a new drug tested on monkeys provided an astonishingly effective shield against an animal version of the AIDS virus, a major gain in the quest for an HIV vaccine. Macaque monkeys given the drug were able to fend off high repeated ...