Mar 8, 2016

Japan to increase ports for calls by cruise liners

The transport ministry said Monday it plans to increase the number of ports that can be visited by large cruise ships to 14 to 15 from seven in 2015. The ministry also aims to realize visits to Hakata port in Fukuoka Prefecture and other ...

Paris massacre spurs Britain to boost port security

Jan 9, 2015

Paris massacre spurs Britain to boost port security

Britain has stepped up security at ports serving France following the Islamist massacre in Paris, officials said Thursday, as the MI5 intelligence agency offered French counterparts its “full support.” The terror threat level remains at “severe” and officials said the measures were a precautionary ...

Aug 24, 2013

State may buy into Tokyo, Osaka port operators to counter Busan

The transport ministry is looking to acquire equity stakes in the companies that run the main container ports in Tokyo and Osaka amid strong competition from the port of Busan in South Korea, sources said. Businesses have been urging the government to get involved ...

Emergency inspections of ports planned

Jan 21, 2013

Emergency inspections of ports planned

The infrastructure ministry plans to do emergency checks on more than 500 of the nation’s 4,000 or so port facilities as part of an antiaging project for infrastructure, officials said Saturday. Deep-water piers and breakwaters will be subject to inspections and any problems will ...