Aug 30, 2015

Japan to set guidelines for farm drone use

Japan’s agriculture ministry is considering setting rules for how drones can be using in farming amid a recent upsurge of interest by the sector in the technology, according to officials in the agency. Compared with the unmanned helicopters currently used in agricultural work, such ...

/ Apr 23, 2015

Fatal attraction for pesticide-addicted bees

Like nicotine for humans, certain pesticides seem to hold an addictive attraction for bees, which seek out tainted food even if it may be bad for them, research showed Wednesday. Not only did bees show no signs of avoiding neonicotinoid-laced food in lab tests, ...

Mar 12, 2015

Norway whale meat dumped in Japan after pesticide finding

Whale meat imported into Japan from Norway has been dumped after tests found it contained up to twice the permitted level of harmful pesticide, the government said Wednesday. The announcement came after Western environmentalists first exposed the issue, in the latest salvo of a ...

/ Mar 7, 2014

Man indicted over frozen food poisoning at Maruha unit

Prosecutors indicted a 49-year-old man Friday on charges of criminal damage by allegedly injecting pesticide into frozen food products made at a Maruha Nichiro Holdings Inc. group plant in Gunma Prefecture. Toshiki Abe, a contract worker of Aqli Foods Corp., a Maruha Nichiro subsidiary, ...

Insecticides pit trees against bees

| Jun 16, 2013

Insecticides pit trees against bees


“That’s where they’re going to spray.” Organic farmer Naoki Tachikawa, 43, is standing on the edge of one of his tiny rice fields in the Shiga district of Matsumoto, central Nagano Prefecture, pointing at two low hills that embrace the upper reaches of the ...