Favored in crime, €500 banknote finds its days are numbered

May 4, 2016

Favored in crime, €500 banknote finds its days are numbered

The European Central Bank was set to decide on Wednesday the fate of the €500 bank note, which many people associate with money laundering, the black market and terrorist financing. But its possible abolition is raising hackles in countries such as Germany. The violet-colored ...

Apr 20, 2016

Dutch cops crack encrypted criminal communications network

Dutch police and prosecutors say they have taken down an encrypted communications network believed to have been used by criminals in the Netherlands and possibly overseas. Prosecutors say in a statement that they arrested a 36-year-old man Tuesday in the eastern city of Nijmegen ...

Mar 10, 2016

Police seized 63 guns from yakuza groups in 2015

The number of guns seized from yakuza organized crime groups in Japan in 2015 fell by 41 from the previous year to 63, the lowest since the seizure data was made available in 1967, it was learned Thursday. Police confiscated 16 guns from Yamaguchi-gumi, ...

Mar 6, 2016

Clan Usuga drug kingpin killed in Colombia

The top leader of the powerful Clan Usuga gang was killed in a police raid, authorities said Saturday, in another major blow to Colombia’s most important gang. “Body blow to the Clan Usaga gang. Alias Lorenzo taken out in Uraba. Top gang leader and ...

Mar 3, 2016

Italian Mafia earnings from drugs rival Fiat's from cars: report

Italian mobsters make as much money trafficking narcotics in Italy as Fiat does selling cars, but without having to pay taxes, the anti-Mafia prosecutors office said Wednesday. Citing estimates by the United Nations Office on Narcotics and Crime, anti-Mafia prosecutors said that the narcotics ...

'Grandpa gang' guilty of London's biggest burglary

Jan 15, 2016

'Grandpa gang' guilty of London's biggest burglary

Three men were found guilty on Thursday in the largest burglary in English legal history, a daring multimillion pound raid on a safe-deposit business in London’s jewelry district led by pensioners who had spent a life in crime. In a plot three years in ...