Nov 9, 2015

OECD cuts global economic outlook for 2016 amid China slowdown

The OECD has slashed its global economic outlook for 2016, reflecting subdued trade growth amid China’s economic slowdown. The organization now expects the global economy to grow 3.3 percent next year, downgraded from 3.6 percent in its September forecast, as other emerging markets have ...

Jul 27, 2015

School personnel work at least 10 hours a day: survey

School personnel working at elementary or junior high schools spend 10 to 13 hours at school per day on average, with an extra two hours of work at home, an education ministry survey revealed Monday. The ministry called on boards of education to streamline ...

Is hospitality sapping productivity in Japan?

Jul 15, 2015

Is hospitality sapping productivity in Japan?


Customers are gods, as a saying goes in Japan, where staffers press buttons for shoppers in department store elevators and hotel porters line up to bow to guests. While Japan is revered for this hospitality, or omotenashi, all that bowing and scraping may be ...

Jun 3, 2015

OECD cuts global economic outlook amid subdued investment

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development on Wednesday slashed its economic outlook for the global economy, citing subdued investment amid doubts over the prospects for stronger growth. It also downgraded expectations for GDP growth in Japan. The OECD now expects the world economy ...