Nicaragua ship accident dead, rescued flown to Managua

Jan 25, 2016

Nicaragua ship accident dead, rescued flown to Managua

Foreign tourists who survived when their ship capsized off an idyllic Caribbean island were flown to mainland Nicaragua Sunday with the bodies of fellow passengers killed in the accident. Thirteen people drowned when the small tourist ship capsized off the coast of Little Corn ...

Central America tests drought-resistant beans

Dec 26, 2015

Central America tests drought-resistant beans


‘These beans are miraculous because they beat drought,” crowed Manuel Ceren, a farmer in El Salvador trying out a hybrid, climate change-defying crop produced by Salvadoran, Colombian and Honduran experts. In Quezaltepeque, a village 30 km north of San Salvador, Ceren and 13 other ...

Sep 27, 2015

Nicaraguan volcano belches gas, ashes and rocks

The Telica volcano in northwestern Nicaragua belched gas, ashes and rocks Saturday in a series of blasts that raised fears of a full-on eruption, authorities said. “Five explosions of medium intensity accompanied by a volcanic tremor were registered,” said first lady Rosario Murillo, citing ...

Aug 26, 2015

Japan to help Nicaragua open tsunami warning center

The central government will help Nicaragua open a tsunami warning center this year that would serve all of Central America, an official said Tuesday. The center would provide real-time earthquake and tsunami information across that continent, according to Wilfried Strauch of the Nicaraguan Seismological ...

Two killed in Nicaragua canal protests

Dec 25, 2014

Two killed in Nicaragua canal protests

A police crackdown on hundreds of Nicaraguan farmers protesting the construction of a $50 billion canal across their land left two dead Wednesday, an activist and opposition leader reported. Police action against protesters began on Tuesday and intensified Wednesday near land to be expropriated ...

Nov 21, 2014

Construction of Nicaragua interocean canal to begin Dec. 22

Construction of Nicaragua’s $50 billion Interoceanic Grand Canal, expected to rival the Panama Canal, will begin Dec. 22 after feasibility studies have been approved, the committee overseeing the project said on Thursday. The route suggested for the 172-mile (278-km) canal, which would be longer, ...