Dec 22, 2014

Change Olympic stadium design

A decision should be made soon on whether design changes are necessary to the new National Stadium planned for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics so that it conforms to the international Olympic spirit and stands as a legacy that future generations can be proud of.

Which stadium is best for Tokyo 2020?

Jun 6, 2014

Which stadium is best for Tokyo 2020?

by Elaine Kurtenbach

As Tokyo prepares to demolish the half-century old stadium that hosted the first Olympics in Asia, debate is raging over whether the colossal, futuristic replacement planned for the 2020 Games will help revitalize the capital or indelibly mar it. Tokyo, the frenetic center of ...

Nov 26, 2013

2020 Olympic stadium may be downsized 25% amid criticism

Tokyo’s new National Stadium for the 2020 Olympics could be scaled down by 70,000-sq. meters, or approximately 25 percent, the facility’s operators said Tuesday. The Japan Sport Council, which runs the venue, held a meeting with experts from various fields to review the original ...

Nov 8, 2013

Cost of building new National Stadium to be cut

The education and sports ministry is working on slashing the cost of replacing National Stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and projected facilities surrounding it to ¥180 billion, sources said Friday. The ministry had originally calculated the project’s cost at as much as ¥300 ...

Nov 3, 2013

The memory of sacrificed youth

The plan is to preserve the National Stadium monument dedicated to 100,000 college students sent off to World War II battlefields and to place it in the new Olympic stadium in 2019.