Daniel Radcliffe gets devilish in 'Horns'

May 7, 2015

Daniel Radcliffe gets devilish in 'Horns'

by James Luxford

There are few actors who can enjoy the kind of success that Daniel Radcliffe has enjoyed at his age. At 10, he became the face of the multibillion-dollar “Harry Potter” franchise, which became a cultural phenomenon. As the series drew to a close in ...

Nov 23, 2013

Japan's yakuza woes return to the silver screen

by William Pesek

Hollywood has long fetishized Japanese gangsters, with their full-body tattoos, missing pinkies and harems of buxom groupies. Ever since Sydney Pollack’s “The Yakuza” in 1974, the colorful mafiosi have provided regular fodder for directors including Ridley Scott and Quentin Tarantino. Curiously, studios are again ...

'Harry Potter: The Exhibition'

Jun 20, 2013

'Harry Potter: The Exhibition'

by Natasha Vik

Having already spellbound some 2 million visitors in North America, Australia and Singapore, “Harry Potter: The Exhibition” is set for its Japan debut this summer. Displaying more than 200 authentic costumes and props, such as Gryffindor uniforms and Quidditch equipment, it’s a rare treat ...