Sep 15, 2016

Fukoku Life to give 400 nonregular staff regular status

Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Co. will give regular employee status to about 400 female nonregular administrative staff at its regional sales offices from October, informed sources told Jiji Press on Thursday. Following the status change, their annual salaries will rise 7.4 percent, or some ...

Jul 29, 2016

Japan's jobless rate hit 21-year low of 3.1% in June

Japan’s unemployment rate fell to 3.1 percent in June, the lowest level in nearly 21 years, government data showed Friday, highlighting companies’ willingness to hire more people in a tight labor market. The improvement in three months came as separate data showed the country’s ...

Panel agrees to boost Japan's minimum hourly wage by ¥24

Jul 27, 2016

Panel agrees to boost Japan's minimum hourly wage by ¥24

A government advisory panel on Tuesday agreed to recommend raising the country’s average minimum hourly wage by ¥24, or 3 percent, for fiscal 2016. The increase will bring the average minimum hourly wage to ¥822 for the year that started in April. This marks ...

Jul 7, 2016

9.5% of all young people in Japan not working or studying: OECD

Youth not in education, employment or training accounted for 9.5 percent of all young people in Japan last year, below the global average of 14.6 percent, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said Thursday. The figure for Japan was the seventh-lowest among the ...

Record 97% of university graduates land jobs

May 20, 2016

Record 97% of university graduates land jobs

A record-high 97.3 percent of university graduates in Japan were employed as of the beginning of the fiscal year on April 1, according to government data released Friday, reflecting companies’ increasing appetite for recruitment. The employment rate of job-seeking university graduates rose 0.6 percentage ...

May 7, 2016

Foreign ski instructors may get visa incentives to work in Japan

The government plans to ease visa requirements for foreign ski instructors to help attract skiers from abroad amid the sport’s declining popularity in Japan, a government source said Saturday. The Justice Ministry is eyeing amending the relevant ordinance as early as this summer, believing ...

Top companies move to hire more foreign employees

May 1, 2016

Top companies move to hire more foreign employees

Japan’s top companies are increasingly moving to give foreign people permanent contracts, judging that the benefits of diversification are well worth the challenges. Among them is convenience store chain Lawson Inc., which has awarded between 10 and 30 percent of its graduate positions to ...