Mar 14, 2014

Japan, four others to consider rules to protect eels

Japan and four other Asian countries are set to draw up self-imposed private-sector rules to reinforce the protection of eels amid a rapid depletion of stocks, informed sources said Friday. By introducing measures such as placing limits on eel farming, Japan, China, Taiwan, South ...

Jul 22, 2013

Prices bite eel lovers on Day of Ox

Grilled eel remained popular on the Day of the Ox on Monday, although the summer favorite is taking a greater toll on people’s wallets these days the eel shortage pushes up prices. The scorching heat that arrived right after the early end of rainy ...

Hot weather's cold comfort for eels

Jul 13, 2013

Hot weather's cold comfort for eels

by Hillel Wright

In March this year, I spent a week in Taiwan as a guest of the Taiwan Fisheries Agency. My hosts had laid on a relentless daily schedule that took in a complete circuit of the island nation, visiting nearly all the major commercial fishing ...