Cameron in last-minute push to hold onto power

May 3, 2015

Cameron in last-minute push to hold onto power

Accused of fighting a lackluster election campaign, British Prime Minister David Cameron has turned up the passion in its dying days but risks having left it too late to convince voters. Opinion polls suggest Cameron’s center-right Conservatives may not have done enough to stay ...

Apr 26, 2015

Soccer team gaffe leaves Cameron with red face

Prime Minister David Cameron appeared to forget which soccer team he supported Saturday, drawing ridicule on social media just days ahead of an election in a country known for its love of sport. Cameron, a descendant of King William IV and an alumnus of ...

Apr 22, 2015

Britain weighs participation in Mediterranean migrant rescues

Britain said it was considering ways to help Europe’s refugee crisis on Tuesday following the Mediterranean’s worst migrant disaster. Foreign Minister Philip Hammond told the BBC he wanted a “more formidable operation on the sea,” while Prime Minister David Cameron said he wanted to ...

Mar 29, 2015

Call Cameron's 'gaffe' anything but guileless

by Marc Champion

There's been much debate over whether British Prime Minister David Cameron's shock announcement about his political future was just an unguarded slip — as he tried to look like a normal family man rather than a power-crazed politician on a soft-feature TV show — ...