China overtakes Japan as world's second-biggest stock market

Nov 28, 2014

China overtakes Japan as world's second-biggest stock market

China surpassed Japan as the world’s second-largest stock market for the first time in three years amid growing investor confidence that policymakers in Beijing will revive the economy with monetary stimulus. China’s market capitalization climbed to $4.48 trillion Thursday after a 33 percent increase ...

Jul 22, 2014

Success of Chinese reform is key to BRICS' rise

by Pankaj Mishra

Last week, BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) took a decisive step toward building institutions that could plausibly challenge the long geopolitical and economic ascendancy of the West. But Vladimir Putin's posturing at the meeting just hours before a Malaysia Airlines jetliner ...

Apr 9, 2014

G-20 to focus on Chinese economy

The Group of 20 finance ministers and central bank chiefs are expected to focus on developments in the Chinese economy at their upcoming meeting, Takatoshi Kato, president of the Japan Center for International Finance, said in a recent interview. At the two-day gathering in ...

Feb 11, 2014

Reviving China's economic rebalancing act

by Yu Yongding

As China remains among the world's poorest countries, with per capita income amounting to less than $7,000, its position as the world's largest exporter of capital signifies a gross misallocation of resources. It should adopt a float exchange-rate regime as soon as possible.