Oct 23, 2015

Honda shelves plan to build new plant in China

Honda Motor Co. has put off a plan to build a new plant in China amid recent signs of a slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy, according to sources familiar with the matter. The automaker is likely to decide on whether to build the ...

| Oct 22, 2015

As China weakens, recession stalks North Asia

The slowdown in China’s economy, the world’s second largest, is sucking the growth out of North Asia and tilting some economies toward recession. As China undergoes a painful rebalancing of an economy that accounts for 16 percent of global GDP — up from below ...

Oct 7, 2015

August composite economic index down amid sluggish Chinese economy

The nation’s key composite index of economic indicators that reflect the current state of the economy fell in August for the second straight month due to weaker shipments and production amid the sluggish Chinese economy, the government said Wednesday. The index of coincident indicators, ...

Sep 15, 2015

Tokyo Steel cuts prices as China drives supply glut

Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co., Japan’s biggest steel maker from scrap iron, cut all of its monthly contract prices for the first time in almost a year as China’s overcapacity hurt its exports. The October price of H-beams used in building was cut to ¥70,000 ...

Aug 26, 2015

Sources of turbulence not gone

Developments in the Chinese economy need to be closely watched not just for their stock market repercussions but also for their impact on Japan's growth.