Jul 3, 2014

Toyota to supply fuel cell vehicle parts to other automakers

Toyota Motor Corp. is planning to provide the major components of fuel cell vehicles to other automakers to promote their entry into the market, company officials said. Since the huge cost of developing the next-generation cars will be difficult for midsize companies to bear, ...

Suzuki Motor's CEO, 84, spurs succession fears

Jun 27, 2014

Suzuki Motor's CEO, 84, spurs succession fears

After almost three decades helming Suzuki Motor Corp., investors are becoming increasingly concerned at the lack of clarity over who will succeed the carmaker’s octogenarian chairman and president. At 84, Osamu Suzuki has already beaten the average life expectancy for men in Japan by ...

Jun 11, 2014

Toyota recalls 2.27 million vehicles globally over airbag

Toyota said Wednesday it’s recalling 2.27 million vehicles worldwide over an airbag system defect that could cause a fire. The world’s biggest automaker, which has now recalled about 9 million vehicles in the past two months, said the announcement covers about 20 models, including ...

Jun 5, 2014

Automakers in bid to unify parts

Toyota Motor Corp. and 13 other Japanese automobile and motorcycle makers have set up a joint panel to study the idea of unifying parts specifications to reduce costs and improve international competitiveness, sources said Thursday. The automakers are targeting parts that are widely used, ...

Jun 4, 2014

Buoyant U.S. buyers drive up Japan auto sales

Improving consumer confidence in the U.S. boosted new car sales for Japanese automakers in May, with Toyota Motor Corp. and Nissan Motor Co. posting double digit gains, and Honda Motor Co. rising by 9 percent. Autodata Corp. also said Tuesday that warmer weather and ...

Jun 2, 2014

Korean FTA to erode automakers' share in Colombia

Japanese automakers may lose traction in Colombia as a free trade agreement between that country and South Korea takes effect. Under the FTA signed in December 2013, Colombia will incrementally reduce tariffs on automobiles imported from South Korea from 35 percent to zero within ...

Auto parts industry rattled by graft case

May 26, 2014

Auto parts industry rattled by graft case

An investigation into price-fixing and bid-rigging in the auto parts industry has mushroomed into the Justice Department’s largest criminal antitrust probe ever, and it is not over yet. The investigation, made public four years ago with FBI raids in the Detroit area, has led ...

Yen losing force as driver of automakers' profits

May 13, 2014

Yen losing force as driver of automakers' profits

by Masaaki Kameda

The fiscal year ending March 2015 is looking less rosy for Japanese automakers, who are unlikely to benefit any further from the weakened yen because of fierce overseas competition, experts say. Profit growth at Toyota Motor Corp., Honda Motor Co. and Nissan Motor. Co. ...

Maserati, others taking on Toyota at home

May 12, 2014

Maserati, others taking on Toyota at home

by Ma Jie and Yuki Hagiwara

Maserati, Volkswagen and other foreign automakers are riding their best sales streak in years in Japan, as the economy improves and drivers like Taichi Matsukura try to stand out amid a sea of Toyotas. “When I opened the door, the colors and interior immediately ...