Sep 12, 2014

Warmer air caused ice shelf collapse off Antarctica

Warmer air triggered the collapse of a huge ice shelf off Antarctica in 2002, according to a report on Thursday that may help scientists predict future break-ups around the frozen continent. Antarctica is a key to sea level rise, which threatens coastal areas around ...

Aug 16, 2014

Minke whales' feeding frenzy observed

Antarctic minke whales engage in an underwater feeding frenzy, filling their huge mouths up to 100 times an hour as they gorge on prawnlike krill during the summer, new research showed Friday. The Australian Antarctic Division said it was the first time that the ...

West Antarctic glacier thaw now 'irreversible,' study finds

May 13, 2014

West Antarctic glacier thaw now 'irreversible,' study finds

Vast glaciers in West Antarctica seem to be locked in an irreversible thaw linked to global warming that may push up sea levels for centuries, scientists said on Monday. Six glaciers, eaten away from below by a warming of sea waters around the frozen ...

East Antarctica at risk of thaw

May 5, 2014

East Antarctica at risk of thaw

Part of East Antarctica is more vulnerable than expected to a thaw that could trigger an unstoppable slide of ice into the ocean and raise world sea levels for thousands of years, a study Sunday showed. The Wilkes Basin in East Antarctica, stretching more ...