New SDF unit shores up thinly protected cyberborders

| Apr 7, 2014

New SDF unit shores up thinly protected cyberborders

by Mizuho Aoki

Japan has embarked on an effort to improve cybersecurity as an ever-increasing number of sophisticated computer viruses threaten to endanger national security. On March 26, the Self-Defense Forces activated a cyberspace defense unit, the “saiba boeitai,” tasked with monitoring and responding to attacks on ...

Mar 14, 2014

ASDF joins international search for Malaysian jet

Two Air Self-Defense Force aircraft arrived in Malaysia on Thursday to join the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. One of the C-130 transport planes flew in areas east of the Malay Peninsula for about a 1½ hours. ASDF personnel aboard searched for ...

Jan 29, 2014

Palace park to be used in disasters

The park surrounding the Kyoto Imperial Palace will be declared a base for the Self-Defense Forces, police and fire services in the event of a natural disaster, prefectural officials said Wednesday. The city of nearly 1.5 million people currently has no base for coordinating ...