Feb 14, 2015

Deprived lives of child brides

The U.N. Population Fund estimates that 14.2 million girls under 18 are married every year, some as young as 8. Ending child marriage is one ways women around the world will achieve greater equality.

Japan remains near bottom of gender gap ranking

Oct 29, 2014

Japan remains near bottom of gender gap ranking

Japan has one of the worst levels of gender equality in the developed world, below that of Tajikistan and Indonesia, coming in 104th out of 142 assessed countries in 2014, according to a study released Tuesday by the World Economic Forum. It rose one ...

Jul 24, 2014

UNDP hails Abe's drive for women

Efforts to raise Japan's dismal female presence in the workforce should generate significant economic gains, the head of the U.N. Development Program says.