Apr 9, 2015

Licensing system for eel farmers to debut in fall

The Fisheries Agency will introduce a licensing system for eel farming in November to improve management of the fish, which is at risk of extinction, the agency said. The plan was unveiled Wednesday to the fisheries division of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s Policy ...

Ministry sets limits on young bluefin tuna catch

Aug 27, 2014

Ministry sets limits on young bluefin tuna catch

The Fisheries Agency has set area-based ceilings on Japan’s catch of juvenile bluefin tuna to help restore the dwindling adult tuna stock in the Pacific Ocean. The agency briefed a national meeting of fishermen in Tokyo on the measures Tuesday and obtained their broad ...

Sep 6, 2013

Fisheries ranks mull ways to preserve eels

Fisheries officials from Japan and four Asian economies met Friday to discuss ways to jointly keep eel numbers from falling further. The meeting in the city of Fukuoka, the fourth such session, drew envoys from South Korea and the Philippines for the first time, ...