Dec 19, 2014

Assertive Russia leads to military rethink in Sweden

With an assertive Russia next door, Sweden has started to beef up its military after a decade of downsizing, but a credible deterrent may take years to achieve, analysts warn. In one of the most dramatic steps since the end of the Cold War, ...

Oct 23, 2014

Russia spy plane intercepted in NATO airspace: alliance

NATO fighter jets intercepted a Russian spy plane over the Baltic Sea after it breached Estonian airspace, the alliance said Wednesday in the latest of such incidents amid tensions with Moscow over Ukraine. The Ilyushin IL-20 “intelligence collection aircraft,” which took off from the ...

Oct 10, 2014

Estonia OKs same-sex partnerships; Kyrgyzstan targets gays

Estonia on Thursday became the first former Soviet nation to legalize gay partnerships, while Kyrgyzstan — another ex-Soviet republic thousands of kilometers east — considers anti-gay legislation. The parallel moves reflect starkly divergent paths taken by the countries that once were parts of the ...

Sep 12, 2014

Estonia enraged as Russia charges 'abducted' policeman with spying

An Estonian policeman detained by Russian security services has been charged with espionage in a case that has sent tensions soaring between Moscow and its small NATO-member neighbor. Tallinn has accused Moscow of abducting Eston Kohver at gunpoint from Estonian territory. He now faces ...

Baltic states fear 'hybrid warfare' from former Russian masters

Sep 2, 2014

Baltic states fear 'hybrid warfare' from former Russian masters

Nervously eyeing Russian naval maneuvers and military flights near their borders, the three ex-Soviet Baltic states fear they may emerge as the next geopolitical flash point after Ukraine in a confrontation that could test their cherished Western ties. With U.S. President Barack Obama heading ...

Estonian prime minister to resign after nine years

Feb 24, 2014

Estonian prime minister to resign after nine years

Estonia’s prime minister said Sunday he would step down next week after nearly nine years in office in the small Baltic nation. Andrus Ansip’s resignation had been expected after his 2012 announcement that he wouldn’t seek another term in next year’s parliamentary elections. In ...

Net whiz kids now take aim at big banks

Feb 16, 2014

Net whiz kids now take aim at big banks

Irked by the high bank fees that are applied to international money transfers, two Estonian IT whizzes who helped engineer Skype and Paypal have hatched Transferwise, a global Internet platform that coordinates currency swaps between individuals. “Hey, hidden fees. Your secret’s out,” taunts the ...

Global amphibious journey starts

Nov 3, 2013

Global amphibious journey starts

An Estonian on Saturday began a trip around the world in a Toyota Land Cruiser that he turned into an amphibious vehicle that will cross land, oceans and rivers on a 60,000-km journey. Mait Nilson, 44, a mechanical engineer who has been working on ...