Mar 12, 2014

Brokerage watchdog warns of bitcoin risks

The bitcoin digital currency can expose people to significant losses, fraud and theft, and the lure of a potential quick profit should not blind investors to its significant risks, a brokerage industry watchdog warns. In an investor alert titled “Bitcoin: More than a Bit ...

Mt. Gox safe from U.S. suits in bankruptcy case

Mar 11, 2014

Mt. Gox safe from U.S. suits in bankruptcy case

Mt. Gox Co., the bitcoin exchange that filed for bankruptcy in Tokyo after millions of dollars’ worth of virtual currency vanished from customer accounts, won a temporary halt to lawsuits it faces in the U.S. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Harlin Hale in Dallas agreed Monday ...

Bitcoin bandits do in bank in Canada

Mar 5, 2014

Bitcoin bandits do in bank in Canada

A Canada-based bank specializing in bitcoins said it has closed after computer hackers stole its digital currency. The closure of the Flexcoin bank comes only a week after the collapse of Mt. Gox, a major bitcoin exchange. The Japan-based Mt. Gox also linked its ...

Nov 30, 2013

Key officials back splitting NSA, Cyber Command

by Ellen Nakashima

Key senior administration officials have advocated splitting the leadership of the largest U.S. spy agency from that of the military’s cyberwarfare command as a final White House decision nears, according to individuals briefed on the discussions. At a White House meeting of senior national ...

Anonymous cyberhacker jailed for 10 years in U.S.

Nov 16, 2013

Anonymous cyberhacker jailed for 10 years in U.S.

A self-described anarchist and “hacktivist” in the U.S. was sentenced to 10 years in prison Friday for illegally accessing computer systems of law enforcement agencies and government contractors. Prosecutors said the cyberattacks were carried out by Anonymous, the loosely organized worldwide hacking group, and ...

Oct 13, 2013

On the offensive in the cyberspace arms race

by James Andrew Lewis

Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can launch a cyber “attack,” even though the skills and tools needed to do real damage are still in short supply. The Internet was not built to be secure and will not become secure anytime soon. ...

Aug 31, 2013

Microsoft, Google unite on lawsuit against gag orders

Microsoft on Friday said that a battle to shed light on secret U.S. government requests for Internet user data will play out in court after failed peace talks. Microsoft and Google filed suits in federal court in June, arguing they have a right to ...

Aug 31, 2013

Secret documents detail U.S. war in cyberspace

by Barton Gellman

The Obama administration's cyber operations sometimes involve what one leaked budget document calls "field operations" abroad, commonly with the help of CIA operatives or clandestine military forces, "to physically place hardware implants or software modifications."

Aug 9, 2013

Bank virus feared in 16,000 PCs

An estimated 16,000 computers in Japan may be infected with the same type of virus used to commit online bank fraud involving stolen user IDs and passwords, according to a police source. The National Police Agency said it handled around 600 confirmed cases of ...