'Erdogan assassination plot' suspects go on trial in Turkey

Feb 20, 2017

'Erdogan assassination plot' suspects go on trial in Turkey

The trial opened Monday for almost 50 suspects accused of plotting to assassinate Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a luxury Aegean hotel on the night of the botched July 15 coup. Forty-four suspects, mainly soldiers, are under arrest, while three others still on ...

Feb 14, 2017

Philippines' Imelda Marcos loses bid to reclaim jewels

Former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos has lost a long fight to reclaim jewels confiscated when her dictator husband was ousted, with the Supreme Court ruling she acquired them illegally. The items worth $150,000 are now the property of the state, the court ruled, ...

Feb 11, 2017

The names of the deported are ... the U.S. won't say

The U.S. government just won’t answer a seemingly simple question: Who was detained at U.S. immigration or deported in the wake of President Donald Trump’s executive order barring entry to refugees and citizens of seven mostly Muslim countries? U.S. District Court Judge Carol Bagley ...