Oct 29, 2014

Google targets nanoparticle tech for health detection

Google Inc.’s research lab said it’s working on nanoparticle technology that could be used in the near future to better detect diseases such as cancer. The nanoparticles would be swallowed, then controlled to monitor health issues and observed through an external device, Andrew Conrad, ...

Sep 26, 2014

Greek woman allegedly buried alive by accident

Police in northern Greece are investigating a cemetery worker’s testimony that a woman woke up in her grave shortly after being buried and called for help, only to die before she could be extracted. Police officials say the man and two people visiting the ...

Doctor says Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has cancer

Sep 18, 2014

Doctor says Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has cancer

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is suffering from a rare and difficult cancer that will require aggressive chemotherapy, his doctor said Wednesday. Dr. Zane Cohen, a colorectal surgeon at Mount Sinai hospital, said Ford has a malignant sarcoma tumor. Ford has been hospitalized for a ...

Sep 13, 2014

Double mastectomy doesn't boost survival rates

by Lindsey Tanner

Removing both breasts to treat cancer affecting only one side doesn’t boost survival chances for most women, compared with surgery that removes just the tumor, a large study suggests. The results raise concerns about riskier, potentially unnecessary operations that increasing numbers of women are ...

Sep 12, 2014

South Korea to hike cigarette price by 80%

South Korea on Thursday proposed a steep 80 percent hike in cigarette prices to cut consumption in a nation with one of the world’s highest male smoking rates. The decision requires parliamentary approval, but Health Minister Moon Hyung-pyo said it was necessary to counter ...