Sep 2, 2015

Ex-Fukushima No. 1 worker sues Tepco over cancer

A former worker at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant has filed a damages suit against Tokyo Electric Power Co. and others, claiming that he developed cancer due to exposure to radiation after the March 2011 nuclear disaster. His lawyers said Tuesday the suit, ...

Aug 27, 2015

Blood test could predict breast cancer's return: study

An experimental blood test may be able to predict whether a woman with breast cancer will suffer a relapse months before new tumors would be detectable on scans, researchers said Wednesday. The technology, described in the journal Science Translational Medicine, works by detecting cancer ...

Hamp case gave oxycodone a bad name, say doctors

Jul 14, 2015

Hamp case gave oxycodone a bad name, say doctors


The high-profile arrest of former Toyota Motor Corp. executive Julie Hamp last month over importing oxycodone might fuel prejudice in Japan against the narcotic painkillers and other strong pain-relieving drugs, experts fear. Hamp, the automaker’s first female managing officer, was released by police without ...