91% of residents at condominium complex where building is tilting want all units rebuilt


A survey of unit owners at a condominium complex in Yokohama, where one of the four buildings was found to have tilted, showed Friday that 91.7 percent of respondents want all buildings to be rebuilt.

This means that the owners of 628 of all 705 units at the complex, or 89.1 percent, seek the rebuilding of all four buildings. This percentage surpassed the four-fifths needed for total rebuilding under the building unit ownership law. In the survey, the owners of 685 units, or 97.2 percent of the total, gave responses.

Based on the outcome, the management association of the complex, which conducted the survey, will discuss the rebuilding and make a decision following its general meeting slated for late February.

It was the second such survey conducted since the tilt was confirmed last October. Flaws have been found in piling work for the tilted building, which was conducted by Asahi Kasei Construction Materials Corp., a unit of Asahi Kasei Corp. The subsidiary manipulated data for the piling work.

In the second survey, carried out between Dec. 25 and Jan. 6, respondents wrote their names and picked their choices from three options—rebuilding of all buildings, rebuilding of one or some buildings or repairs of communal areas, and undecided.

The association said also Friday that Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., the original contractor for Park City Lala Yokohama condominium complex, on Monday will begin a reinvestigation of pilings at the tilted building to find the cause of the problem.

Previously, the company found that six of the piles for the building did not reach solid ground while two other piles did so but were not driven deep enough.