Kyushu Electric’s Sendai No. 2 reactor starts power generation, transmission


The No. 2 reactor at Kyushu Electric Power Co.’s Sendai nuclear power plant in the city of Satsumasendai, Kagoshima Prefecture, started generating and transmitting electricity Wednesday.

The reactor resumed power generation and transmission after a 49-month break since it went offline for routine inspections in September 2011.

Kyushu Electric will raise the reactor’s output to 30 percent of capacity late on Wednesday and to full capacity in about 10 days if no trouble is encountered.

The firm aims to bring the reactor back to commercial operation in mid-November by clearing final checks that will be carried out in full-capacity operation.

The facility is the second nuclear reactor to go active under Japan’s stricter safety standards introduced after the nuclear disaster at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 plant following the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The first to restart was the No. 1 reactor at the Sendai plant.

An increase in output at the No. 1 reactor was postponed for a time due to trouble after it restarted in August this year.

Like the No. 1 reactor, the No. 2 unit is a pressurized-water reactor. Its output capacity is 890,000 kw.

In the central control room on Wednesday, a No. 2 reactor operator turned on the switch to start transmitting electricity to power lines as three inspectors from the Nuclear Regulation Authority Secretariat observed.

Kyushu Electric officials and others present gave loud applause after power transmission was confirmed.

“To prevent a nuclear accident from happening again, we have made greater efforts than ever,” Nobuhiko Fujiwara, head of the Sendai plant office, told reporters. “We will continue to take care in our operations.”

  • Starviking

    Yet more low-carbon electricity back on the grid. Yay!