China screams for Tojo ice cream on war anniversary


An ice cream chain in Shanghai, China, is offering a lickable likeness of the head of executed Japanese war criminal Hideki Tojo to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Iceason parlours are selling ice cream bars on a stick with the image of Tojo, a former Japanese army general and prime minister, in a campaign with the slogan, “10,000 people together eat the Japanese war criminal.”

An advertising poster displayed at one store in central Shanghai showed a chocolate Tojo, complete with glasses and a mustache, with the words: “Never forget national humiliation.”

Another store in Shanghai’s financial district on Wednesday offered five Tojo flavors: vanilla, blueberry, mocha, mango and tiramisu. But it had few takers for the ice cream, priced at 30 yuan (¥566), even during the lunch hour.

Customers who buy 50 yuan worth of ice cream can get a free Tojo bar if they use the online payment service of Chinese Internet giant Alibaba, store employees said.

Beijing will commemorate the 70th anniversary of victory over Japan and the end of World War II with a huge military parade through Tiananmen Square on Thursday, amid tense ties with Tokyo over territorial claims and wartime history.

“It’s just ice cream,” one online commentator said of the Tojo bars. “There’s no reason why you can’t eat it.”

But another declined to partake. “It’s hilarious, but I have always thought that phase of history isn’t fit for consumption.”

  • CLJF

    The last quote sums it up. The Chinese really need to get over the war though.

    • Jonathan Fields

      It’s too valuable for them politically. Having a common enemy and a scapegoat for a lot of the country’s problems is a wonderful resource for any despotic government. And if Japanese politicians and right-wing groups want to keep feeding this incredible outpouring of hate, then I’m sure the Chinese would be happy to oblige.

  • GBR48

    Yui Hatano’s agent needs to chat to these people. I detect a commercial opportunity in the lickable comestible industry.

  • 大千釜 創雷

    Far beyond my comprehension. They would be bombarded with severe criticism in South Korea.

    • 田辺先生

      I was shocked to see that S. Korea is sending a representative to this “Celebration”…..

      • Foreigner Friendly

        I’m sure most countries would be happy to celebrate the end of a war that saw them colonized.

      • 田辺先生

        Certainly CELEBRATE…. but why celebrate WITH CHINA? And honestly, celebrating the end of war is quite different than rewriting history about that war, which is what China is doing.

      • Foreigner Friendly

        I’m sure there’s been a lot of re-writing on all sides.

  • leeteam

    The ice cream gimmick is contrary to what they are trying to achieve, mocking someone. In the USA, the Tojo ice cream implies a celebration of the person.

    We remember the mistakes of our past so we do not repeat them. Life goes on. We cannot change the past, but we can change what lies ahead of us.

    • Hanten

      Who knows what the manufacturers were trying to achieve.