Japan launches organization to promote robot use


The Japanese government launched an organization Friday to promote the use of robots in cooperation with the private sector.

The Robot Revolution Initiative is aimed at promoting cooperation between industry, academia and government to utilize robots in various fields, including manufacturing, agriculture, medical care and nursing for elderly people.

It is joined by more than 200 companies and groups, including Toyota Motor Corp., Honda Motor Co., Panasonic Corp., Komatsu Ltd. and IHI Corp., as well as national research institutions and researchers from universities.

At a party after an inaugural meeting of the new organization, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he will make every effort to remake the world with a robot revolution starting from Japan.

The government plans to promote robot use as part of efforts to spur economic growth.

By 2020, the government aims to expand the size of the market for robots to ¥2.4 trillion from the current ¥600 billion.

It plans to increase related investment in a wide range of fields, including assembly robots for manufacturing, robots to support surgery and self-driving systems for agricultural tractors.

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    I trust the author of this article knows that Aldebaran is a French company albeit one now owned by Softbank and is trying to make a point about robotic research in Japan that was edited out of the final copy. Otherwise, it is not obvious why this photograph was used.