Ministry raises estimate for cost of nuclear power generation


The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has raised its estimate for the cost of generating nuclear power to around ¥10 per kilowatt-hour, up by about ¥1, informed sources said Friday.

The previous estimate was “at least ¥8.9,” the sources said.

The revision was made after nuclear power plant operators allocated huge amounts of money to meet new safety standards set by the nation’s new atomic regulator, the Nuclear Regulation Authority, in July last year, they said.

Despite the cost increase, however, nuclear power is still cheaper than thermal power, they noted.

The ministry plans to present the new figure at a meeting of experts to be held Monday to discuss souce-by-source electricity generation costs for determining a best energy mix for Japan.

  • Steve van Dresser

    All such discussions about the cost of nuclear power unreasonably ignore the costs of nuclear disasters, radioactive clean up, and the ultimate costs of decommissioning old nuclear plants. When the nuclear plants were started, everyone wrongly assumed they would be safe and that eventually a way of safely and cheaply disposing of nuclear waste and old plants would be discovered.

    In the meantime, nuclear power has demonstrated that it is not safe, and, so far, nobody has figured out what to do with the residuals. Until the costs of cleaning up after the nuclear industry are included, any estimates of cost are misleading and deceitful. What is the economic cost of more than 100,000 people permanently displaced from their homes and businesses?

    • Starviking

      What is the economic cost of a planet whose temperature keeps rising and rising?