Trial decontamination work stumbles


Trial decontamination work in evacuated areas of Fukushima Prefecture has failed to reduce radiation levels to a point where residents can return to their homes, the Environment Ministry said Wednesday.

Radiation levels were lowered by around 50 to 80 percent in test residential areas, farmland and roads — not enough to bring readings down to 20 millisieverts per year, the threshold for lifting the evacuation order, the ministry said.

The decontamination work, which the ministry said used conventional techniques, was conducted in six districts within highly contaminated zones in the towns of Namie and Futaba between October and January.

After the decontamination, the average radiation dose in the areas varied between 2.5 and 8.8 microsieverts per hour.

  • Boey Kwan

    2.5 microsiervents is approx. 21.9 millisiervents per year.
    8.8 microsiervents is approx. 77.088 millisiervents per year.
    For anybody who wants to know ^^