‘Miracle baby’ survives 11-story fall


A 15-month-old U.S. boy has survived an 11-story fall from a balcony at his parents’ apartment in Minneapolis, local media reported Wednesday.

Musa Dayib has been nicknamed “the miracle baby” after escaping death despite slipping through the railing and falling. In addition to fractures to both his arms, his backbone and his ribs, Dayib suffered a concussion and is breathing through a ventilator. In critical but stable condition, he is expected to survive.

The boy was apparently saved by his soft landing spot, on a mulched area.

“If you and I fell that far, we would be dead,” Dr. Tina Slusher said from the pediatric intensive care unit at Hennepin County Medical Center, the Star Tribune reported. “He’s a baby, and . . . they tend to be more flexible and pliable than you and I would be.”