Stones’ Rome gig brings heritage fear


One group of ancient stones is under threat from another, fear authorities in Rome, as the Rolling Stones prepare for a huge concert among the “very fragile” ruins of Italy’s capital.

The British rockers are set to play to 65,000 fans in the Eternal City on June 22 at the Circus Maximus, the ancient Roman chariot racing stadium.

The coming influx of spectators has raised concerns among heritage groups, who warned of “unpredictable consequences” and possible “acts of vandalism” in a “very fragile” area.

“The choice of the Circus Maximus for the Rolling Stones concert brings a measure of risk for the heritage of the area that is not only heightened but also hard to predict,” the office of archaeological supervisors said in a statement. They have called for an “extraordinary security plan” to be put in place to protect historical sites.