Japan Post discloses improper handling of chilled parcels


Japan Post Co. said Wednesday that it has found cases of improper temperature management in its parcel delivery service for refrigerated products.

After receiving 22 complaints where packages that should have been delivered while chilled arrived without such care over six months to September, the company has launched an investigation of its some 3,600 collection and delivery bases across the country.

Japan Post expressed deep regret about the improper conduct and commented that it will continue to investigate further to prevent similar problems.

The company said it ordered post offices to manage temperatures strictly after rival parcel delivery company Yamato Transport Co. disclosed in October that it had sorted parcels of refrigerated and frozen products at room temperature.

Refrigerated parcels of the Japan Post Holdings Co. unit are collected and sorted at post offices and then delivered.

Under the company’s rules, deliverers are required to carry such chilled parcels in cool bags until they hand them over on the doorstep of their destinations. However, some may have delivered and sorted parcels without keeping them cool, it said.