Nonmanufacturers willing to up pay


Companies outside the manufacturing sphere expressed a willingness to meet the government’s calls for pay hikes, at a meeting of representatives from management, labor and government.

At a similar three-way meeting in October, executives from leading manufacturers, including Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda and Hitachi Ltd. Chairman Takashi Kawamura, showed their readiness to increase pay for employees.

The meetings were held ahead of the annual “shunto” pay negotiations early next year.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Mitsuyoshi Nakamura, president of general contractor Kajima Corp., vowed to make the construction industry attractive by fully rewarding skilled workers.

All Nippon Airways President Osamu Shinobe presented a plan to upgrade the status of cabin attendants from contract workers to regular staff, effective with the start of the next business year on April 1.

“We believe benefits (from the plan) would outpace an expected rise in payroll costs,” Shinobe said after the meeting.

Seven & I Holdings Co. President Noritoshi Murata explained a hike in basic salary the retail group carried out earlier this year.

“We recognize that value creation, moderate inflation and pay rises are crucial for a virtuous economic cycle,” Murata said.