Canada to hand over Chinese man


Canadian authorities have agreed to hand over a Chinese man living in Canada who is believed to have some knowledge about the suspect in a 1995 murder of three Japanese women in Tokyo, it was learned Sunday.

The Metropolitan Police Department will soon send investigators to Canada to arrest the man, 43, on a passport law violation once his extradition is confirmed, sources familiar with the case said.

The MPD got an arrest warrant for the man after suspecting that he left Japan on someone else’s passport and used diplomatic channels in 2010 to ask Canada for extradition.

An appeals court approved the hand-over this September, upholding a lower court decision.

The man, originally from Fujian Province in eastern China, entered Canada as a refugee in October 2006 and subsequently acquired permanent resident status there. The MPD suspects he was in Japan when the murders took place in July 1995.

During questioning in 2009, the Japanese leader of a gang of thieves told the MPD that the Chinese man may know about the person who carried out the fatal shootings of three part-time employees at a supermarket in the western Tokyo suburb of Hachioji.

The Japanese man was executed in China in 2010 for drug smuggling.