Aussie prisons eye ‘pink biker’ plan


Members of criminal groups could be forced to wear bright pink overalls in prison under a plan being considered Monday by an Australian state as it cracks down on biker gangs.

Queensland Police Minister Jack Dempsey said he was thinking about replacing the olive-green clothing for something that makes the prisoners stand out more, and fluorescent pink is in his sights.

State Premier Campbell Newman said hot-pink prison uniforms, which are used in parts of the United States, were a great idea for incarcerated members of biker gangs. “They are bullies. They like to wear scary-looking gear, leather jackets, they have the tattoos, they have their colors,” he told reporters Monday. “We know that telling them to wear pink is going to be embarrassing for them.”

Queensland last week passed tough new laws to combat outlaw motorcycle gangs as authorities seek to destroy what they describe as “criminal organizations” that have become a growing menace.