Yakuza face fraud charge


Police are thinking of charging any yakuza involved in the loan scandal at Mizuho Bank with fraud, sources said.

Gangsters received about ¥200 million in loans from the core unit of the Mizuho Financial Group Inc. through a consumer credit arm called Orient Corp.

Police have already received data from Mizuho Bank about loan recipients who were interviewed by Orient officials, the sources said Saturday.

When providing loans, Orient seeks assurances that recipients have nothing to do with anti-social forces such as gangs. Police believe that loan recipients can be charged with fraud if they lied about their membership in criminal organizations, the sources said.

  • Ron NJ

    Again, last I heard having any commercial dealings with yakuza was illegal, so I’m confused as to why (a) Mizuho isn’t being penalized, and (b) police are only ‘thinking’ of charging people who have committed fraud. These are exactly the kinds of fumblings and ho-hum lollygagging that cause people to lose faith in legal systems, and rightly so. The longer the authorities sit around trying to pass the buck, avoid responsibility, and let criminal action go without punishment, the more public confidence erodes.