Price rise is Yakult’s first in 22 years

JIJI, Kyodo

Yakult Honsha Co. plans to raise prices for its mainstay lactic drink Yakult and sister product Yakult Calorie Half on Nov. 4, ushering in its first hikes since April 1991.

Prices are climbing for raw materials, including powdered skim milk and the plastic resin needed to make bottles, the drink maker said Tuesday.

The products will be renamed New Yakult and New Yakult Calorie Half after receiving a 30 percent boost in lactobacillus, a key ingredient, Yakult Honsha said.

New Yakult will cost ¥42 for a 65-ml bottle, up from ¥37, while a five-pack of New Yakult Calorie Half will run ¥210, up from ¥184.

An average of 3.37 million bottles of the two drinks are sold each day. The company offers a unique door-to-door sales service for individuals and firms. Yakult Honsha projects an average of 3.1 million bottles will be sold after the hike.