Assange takes blame for resignation


Julian Assange on Thursday took responsibility for the resignation of a key candidate from his WikiLeaks Party running in Australian elections, blaming his focus on Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning.

The fledgling party is in crisis after its No. 2 candidate for the Australian Senate behind Assange, ethicist Leslie Cannold, said she was disillusioned with its lack of transparency and accountability and quit Wednesday.

“I made a decision two months ago to spend a lot of my time on dealing with the Edward Snowden asylum situation and trying to save the life of a young man (Bradley Manning),” Assange, currently based in London, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “Now, the result is overdelegation, so I admit and I accept full responsibility for overdelegating functions to the Australian party while I tried to take care of those situations. It’s not easy obviously being a party leader at a distance with a nine-hour time delay.”