Oliver Stone visits Hiroshima to kick off war site tour


U.S. film director Oliver Stone went to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum on Sunday ahead of the 68th anniversary Tuesday of the atomic bombing.

“I feel bad today, like I’m walking dead, when I see . . . the skeleton, the bones, the rags, the misery of that day,” Stone said after watching exhibits related to the atomic bombing.

The contrast between the current prosperity of Hiroshima and its devastation caused by the bombing is “very powerful,” he said. “Hiroshima must be a symbol, must remain in the memory (in) the right way.”

Stone was slated to attend the annual ceremony Tuesday for mourning the victims.

Stone, who has directed a documentary on U.S. modern history, including the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, said he has long wanted to visit Hiroshima. He was invited by a citizens’ group in the city and other parties.

Stone will also visit Nagasaki as well as Okinawa.