Trayvon murder trial commences


The murder trial of a volunteer neighborhood watchman who shot dead an unarmed black teenager, an incident that inflamed racial tensions across the U.S., began Monday.

A jury of six women began hearing arguments from the legal team representing defendant George Zimmerman, and from Florida prosecutors, who accuse him of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman says he shot Martin because he feared his life was in danger, firing in self-defense after the teen wrestled him to the ground and pounded his head one the sidewalk.

The jury — five white women and one black woman — will decide the case, which is expected to take as long as six weeks to try.

  • zjan

    It’s a huge loss for everyone. I wish zimmerman wasnt armed on that day. He most likely would have obeyed police instructions not to follow martin.