Kikkoman eyes Islamic markets


Kikkoman Corp. is considering selling soy sauce in Islamic countries, Yuzaburo Mogi, honorary chairman of the company, said.

“How to approach the Islamic world, where income will increase and the population will grow substantially, is a major challenge for the company,” Mogi said Wednesday at a news conference.

In its management policy, Kikkoman aims to increase its global annual soy sauce sales to 1 million kiloliters in 2020 from the current 400,000. The company hopes to boost soy sauce sales by expanding its sales networks in Islamic countries.

To sell food products in the Islamic markets, halal certification is needed to demonstrate that foods comply with Islamic law. Although halal foods do not use alcohol, yeast fermentation in the soy sauce brewing process produces alcohol. It will be thus necessary to rethink the soy sauce production process.