Fujimori’s acute gastritis worsens


Former President Alberto Fujimori, who is serving a 25-year sentence for human rights abuses, has severe and worsening gastrointestinal troubles, his doctor said Sunday.

“The tests that were done show that the former president has gastroduodenitis,” which is eating away at his stomach and duodenum, his lead doctor, lawmaker Alejandro Aguinaga, said a day after Fujimori was hospitalized for treatment of stomach bleeding.

Fujimori, 74, has been unable to eat because the food he ingested was reaching internally damaged areas, Aguinaga said.

Doctors have performed a biopsy to determine the extent of the ex-president’s illness, Aguinaga said.

Fujimori was rushed to a hospital late Friday amid tight security after being diagnosed with high blood pressure and complaining of stomach pains.