Dads spend ¥591 on lunch on average


Japanese fathers working in Tokyo and nearby prefectures spend ¥591 on lunch on average, down from ¥608 seven years ago, a recent survey by Norinchukin Bank says.

The survey in March by the umbrella financial body for Japan’s agriculture, forestry and fisheries cooperatives drew valid responses from 400 men in their 30s and 40s with children.

The lunch budget was ¥500 or more but less than ¥600 a day for 35.3 percent, the biggest proportion of the respondents, and 39.2 percent among those in their 30s.

In a multiple-choice question, 42.3 percent of the respondents said they lunch at eateries near the workplace, 41.3 percent said they eat “bento” (boxed lunches) made at home, and 31.8 percent said they buy bento at shops.