India’s censored kisses to be shown


A new film festival is to showcase for the first time scenes from Bollywood movies deemed too racy for Indian viewers, including the first attempt at an on-screen kiss, organizers say.

The Cut-Uncut Festival in New Delhi will feature unedited versions of films that fell foul of the all-powerful Indian censors, who vet movies before their release. Portrayals of sex, nudity, social unrest and violence can be kept out of movie halls under strict laws that were first drafted in 1952.

In the year of Bollywood’s 100-year anniversary, Cut-Uncut is being organized by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to demonstrate its more open-minded approach, a ministry official said.

Until recently, “long kissing scenes, nudity and visuals depicting acts of rebellion against the government” were all censored, but “with changing times, we want to have a fresh approach,” the official explained.