Pot-bellied ‘Batman’ hands wanted man to U.K. police


A man dressed as Batman walked into a British police station in the middle of the night and handed them a crime suspect.

“I’ve caught this one for you!” he told officers, before vanishing into the darkness.

Police in West Yorkshire, northern England, are baffled after the mystery crime fighter delivered the suspect to a police station in the city of Bradford early Thursday morning.

Wearing the full costume of the shadowy comic book hero — cape included — he then “promptly vanished into the night to fight crime and the fear of crime in Bradford,” West Yorkshire Police said.

West Yorkshire Police has released a CCTV photograph of the pot-bellied “caped crusader” arriving at the police station with his captive.

West Yorkshire Police said the 27-year-old suspect had been wanted in connection with a string of crimes and has now been charged with handling stolen goods and fraud-related offenses.

“The person who brought the wanted man into the station was dressed in a full Batman outfit,” a police spokesman said. “His identity, however, remains unknown.”

Police in the Buttershaw area of Bradford revealed details of the mystery on their Facebook page and the incident was captured on CCTV. The post sparked a slew of theories on social networking sites about the identity of the crime fighter, including suggestions he may know the arrested man since there was little sign of a struggle.